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Infrastructure contributions

Infrastructure contributions levied on approved developments are determined by the applicable charging regime in place at the date the approval is granted. Information relating to current and historical charging regimes are included in the links below:

  1. Council of the City of Gold Coast Charges Resolution
  2. Historical infrastructure charging regimes 

Infrastructure charges are included in an Infrastructure Charges Notice. The issuing of an Infrastructure Charges Notice may be triggered by accepted development, assessable development, approval for a change application, or an approval for an extension application.

While the Charges Resolution has effect from 1 July 2015, Council maintains information about previous charging regimes which have applied to development approvals prior to that date. The previous charging regimes can be found at Historical infrastructure charging regimes.

The types of development that may trigger the issuing of an Infrastructure Charge Notice are:

Infrastructure Charges Register

The Infrastructure Charges Register (ICR) contains all levied infrastructure charges from 27 December 2019. This register is updated monthly. To verify any particular information or data provided in the register please contact the Developer Contributions Team by email at or phone 07 5582 9030.

Download the Infrastructure Charges Register

To access the current charges go to the Council of the City of Gold Coast Charges Resolution page.

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