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Encouraging wildlife

Is your property wildlife friendly?

Kookaburra in Tree

The Gold Coast's urban areas provide habitat for hundreds of aquatic and terrestrial species. Backyard habitats, in urban areas, play a significant role in contributing to the city’s biodiversity. By giving some thought to the needs of native wildlife when landscaping your backyard you are likely to encourage and enjoy a much greater variety of native birds, mammals and other fauna.

It’s also worth thinking about the potential barriers and dangers to native animals living on your property or just moving through. Small changes could be a big help to a koala, platypus or sugar glider. Even if you think native animals are not present on your property, you may be surprised, as many species are nocturnal or not easily seen by a casual observer.

To find out more about biodiversity and actions you can take in your backyard, read our Backyard Biodiversity booklets.

Through the Conservation Partnerships program, the City can help you protect wildlife habitat on your private property, and restore bushland that has been cleared or disturbed.

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