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Securing Council contracts

The City has introduced a procurement policy that favours Gold Coast businesses with the skills and experience necessary to deliver the project.

The City, as the second largest local government in Australia, undertakes substantial procurement (in the order of $750 million annually).

Briefing sessions

Briefing sessions provide business with relevant information and updates on the City Contracting Plan.

The sessions will help business understand the local procurement opportunities and advantages for local businesses and increase their visibility as a potential supplier to Council.

Business will hear and meet local procurement officers and other local business and have the opportunity to directly engage.

Procurement readiness

For local businesses that are looking for further assistance in their procurement readiness, the Procurement Readiness Program is offered following the briefing sessions.

The procurement readiness program helps business:

Delivery of the program is over approximately two months and includes:

Please note: this program is only open to business owners and directors of a business.

For more information email us at:

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