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We are working on a range of initiatives to support the community.

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Community Grants Program

Proposed changes to the Community Grants Policy

In response to community consultation undertaken in August 2019 and due to recent legislative changes in the way local governments provide financial assistance to community organisations, the City of Gold Coast is undertaking a review of funding opportunities available pursuant to the Community Grants Policy.

The new Community Grants Policy (including available funding programs) will be considered by the Council after the local government elections to be held on 28 March 2020. The City of Gold Coast will continue to support community organisations by providing community grant opportunities in the 2020-21 financial year and beyond.

The Community Grants Program, incorporating grants for Seniors and NAIDOC Week, is an annual program that provides financial assistance to incorporated, not for profit community organisations that service the needs and pursuits of the Gold Coast community.

The program is aimed at supporting and stimulating projects and activities with a broad, whole of city focus. Our Divisional Donations Program supports projects that are locally or divisionally focused.

Community Grants Program 2019-20

Applications now closed

Applications for funding under the 2019-20 Community Grants Program, including Seniors and NAIDOC Week 2019, have now closed.

Acquittal requirements

The Community Grants Policy requires recipients of grants of $2001 and above to submit a completed acquittal report within eight weeks of project completion.

The purpose of the Acquittal Report is to confirm that the funding has been used for the purpose intended as outlined in your original application.

Organisations may not be considered for further funding if the acquittal conditions have not been met.

Community Grants Administrator

Phone: 07 5581 5240

More information

Find answers to frequently asked questions about our Community Grants Program below.

Download and view financial year reports containing lists of previous funding recipients.

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  • What is the Community Grants Program?

    Each year, the City of Gold Coast provides grants to not-for-profit community organisations for community development and capacity building, cultural, historical, recreational and environmental purposes in alignment with the City's Corporate Plan.

    The program aims to support and encourage beneficial projects and activities with a whole of city focus. The program allows the community to be actively involved in the city.

    Grants for Seniors Week events and activities are included in this program.

  • How do I apply for a Community Grant?

    To be considered for a community grant, applicants must complete and submit the online Community Grants Program application form.

    A hard copy is available by contacting the Community Grants Administrator.

    Supporting documentation can be attached to the online application which can then be submitted at any City of Gold Coast office or posted to:

    Community Grants Administrator
    City of Gold Coast
    PO Box 5042
    Gold Coast MC  QLD  9726

  • How do I apply for a Seniors Week Grant?

    The Community Grants Program incorporates grants for Seniors Week projects and events.

    To be considered for a Seniors Week grant, applicants must complete and submit the online application form.

    A hard copy is available by contacting the Community Grants Administrator.

    Support documentation can be attached to the online application which can then be submitted at any City of Gold Coast office or posted to:

    Community Grants Administrator
    City of Gold Coast
    PO Box 5042
    Gold Coast MC  QLD  9726

  • What will it mean if my application is late?

    The online application form will not allow applicants to submit a late application. Postal applications postmarked after the closing date will not be considered by the Grant Assessment Panel and can only be endorsed by Council resolution.

  • Who can apply?

    • Not-for-profit, incorporated community organisations that service the needs and priorities of the Gold Coast community.
    • Unincorporated organisations can apply through an eligible community organisation. The sponsor organisation must agree to take responsibility for the receipt, application and acquittal of the grant. 
    • Schools and religious organisations can apply if the project provides a broad community benefit.
  • Who can’t apply?

    • Government or semi government organisations (except schools and education institutions)
    • destination-based marketing or regional tourism organisations
    • individuals
    • organisations with an outstanding debt to the City of Gold Coast
    • organisations that have not provided the required acquittals for previous assistance.
  • How many applications can be submitted?

    The City of Gold Coast may only consider one application per organisation per year. Sponsoring organisations can also submit one application in their own right.

  • What projects are ineligible?

    • Competitions or prize money
    • fundraising events or activities
    • completed projects
    • negotiated sponsorship arrangements
    • commercial activities
    • events eligible for support via Council’s Events Advisory Committee
    • Regional Arts Development Fund projects.
  • What is the assessment process?

    Applications will be assessed by a Grants Assessment Panel for eligibility and how strongly the application meets the City’s Corporate Plan Desired Outcomes and Key Focus Areas (refer to the list of Funding Categories for the desired outcomes).

    Applicants will be advised of the outcome of their application by letter.

    Successful applicants will be advised of funding conditions and requested to supply an invoice within one month of notification.

  • How long will the assessment process take?

    The assessment process will take about three months, with the announcement of successful organisations expected in June. All applicants will be notified of the outcome in writing.

  • How much can I apply for?

    • Each funding category has an indicative upper limit.
    • Refer to the list of Funding Categories for the upper limit of grants available.
    • Submitting an application does not guarantee funding.
    • A lower funding amount may be offered.
  • Who can complete an application?

    • The application should be completed by persons with the authority to act on behalf of the organisation. The representatives are normally the President, Secretary or Treasurer.
    • Ensure that you retain a copy of your completed application form for your records. You may need to refer to the form if you are asked to clarify or provide any additional information. If your application is successful, you will also need to refer to this application form to successfully acquit the grant at the end of the grant process.
  • Do you need language assistance?

    If you have difficulty speaking English, please call the National Translating and Interpreting Services (TIS) 131 450.

    To use this service you will need to tell them your preferred language and that you want to call City of Gold Coast Customer Service on 1300 130 854. This is a free service for the City’s related business.

  • Do I need to provide an invoice?

    • If your grant application is successful, you will be required to supply an invoice.
    • Invoices must be provided within one month of notification and can be emailed to the Community Grants Administrator
    • Invoice templates can be provided on request.
  • How does GST affect my grant?

    • GST is not added to approved grants.      
    • Please include the GST in all budget items when completing your application.
  • What are the acquittal requirements?

    If your organisation receives a grant of $2000 or above, you will be required to tell us how you spent the money. This is called an acquittal report.

    Acquittal reports are due within eight weeks of project completion.

    It is recommended that you keep all invoices and receipts relating to your grant.

    Acquittal report forms are available to download from this website.

    If acquittal conditions have not been met, the City may not consider further funding applications submitted by the applicant.

    Any unspent grant money must be returned.

  • Do I need to acknowledge City of Gold Coast’s assistance?

    Grant recipients are required to acknowledge the City of Gold Coast as a project sponsor.

    Acknowledgment is required:

    • in any relevant publicity
    • on the organisation’s website
    • at appropriate functions and
    • in relevant documents such as newsletters and annual reports.

    The City of Gold Coast 's logo can be obtained by contacting the Community Grants Administrator.


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